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Frontline on PBS is currently featuring “From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians“.

In Our Time is a BBC radio discussion series exploring the history of ideas. The program has covered a number of topics on religion, including the Nicene Creed, the Book of Common Prayer, Thomas Aquinas, and Calvinism. Many programs are available via several podcasts including the In Our Time: Religion podcast

The Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church Official Web Site

The Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas

Episcopal Relief and Development sends emergency relief in times of natural disasters and man-made catastrophes.

Points of Interest and Inspiration

The Book of Common Prayer is available for online reading here or for download here.

The Lectionary Page is “a liturgical calendar for upcoming weeks” and also features a comprehensive index of texts. This page is particularly useful for lay readers.

The Daily Office Online presents services of Morning and Evening Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Compline, and Devotions for Individuals and Families.

Early Christian Writings – “All of the Christian writings that are believed to have been written in the first and second centuries, as well as a few selected from the early third, as well as information and scholarly opinion regarding the background, authorship, dating, and provenance of these documents.” All writings are free to download.